Where to find real trading idea and system

Hi every one I been now in forex for few months from Jun 09 so I am all over the places with all kind of ideas and long hours in front of the computers, so please I am trying to find real system or idea how to build good system instead to be in front of the computer all-day long to break even and that stress-full, I am not looking to break 100 pips a day but some constant and real.:confused:
I am looking for direction I took a lot of free training all they talk about analysis and money management but I did not see any good trading system.
Thanks for the help looking forward to hear from any one and any direction.:slight_smile:

I did the same thing when I was new. The problem with being in front of the computer all day long doesn’t really have anything to do with your system. You need to start trading higher timeframes!

If you trade 4H charts or above then you only need to look at your charts a few minutes per day.

Go to the Free Forex Systems section of the forums and look around. Pick and few systems and start trading them on a demo account. You’ll find something that doesn’t require too much of your time. :slight_smile: