Where to start?

Hi guys, I am extremely new to trading and the financial markets. Can anyone suggest the best place to start for me?


the first we should open demo account and you trade in demo account with a few months. it is good for you. the most trader started as that

welcome Leigh, great to have you around!!

Best place to start, in my humble opinion, is go through the course of Babypips/school. Educate yourself!!

Hi Leigh! Welcome to our forex community! I suggest you start with learning the basic forex concepts in our School of Pipsology: School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading

I live in London and have seen a number of education courses available will these be a good place start?

Why not learn for free at the School of Pipsology, rather than pay for an education course?

Hi Leighrose,
I would strongly suggest you do a couple of free online training courses (like the one on here and there’s a good one at Oanda) and then try a free demo account before spending money on a training course. First it will give you an idea about whether trading is for you, and also you will get much more out of the paid course if you have some basic experience.

Yeah I think thats what I am going to do, I have been offered a great deal at £200 for 4 week course, what do you guys think? I’m thinkig to sign up to that in London and in the meantime learn on here the very basics.