Where to trade currency Futures?! Do brokers exploit SPOT FOREX?

I use MT4 (and a local broker in my country, not online like fxcm, oanda, etc…) and I can’t find (or at least figure out) what the currency Futures look like and the Futures in general…

Also I heard people say that brokers exploit their clients (especially on lower timeframes) by counter-trading the clients’ trades to a certain extent, and that in Currency futures its more of an open market so that doesnt happen.


  1. What’s the difference between Currency Futures and the ones in Forex? are they both represented the same way (eg. EURUSD) but in different brokerages?

  2. Where can I trade the rest of the Futures like US 500, France 40, Germany etc…? (I’m assuming those are Futures?)



You can trade currency futures on CME . The brokers with the good repute will never exploit their clients, it is not in their best interest. Small brokers with little or undisclosed funds may though as their existence may rely on couple of the trades.
Please find the contract specs to currency futures below: make sure you understand them before you start trading. it is the link to CME(Chicago Mercantile Exchange)contract specs

You will find more than enough future contracts at the reputable brokers:
Interactive Brokers
FxPro and others…