Which account is better for scalping? Raw spread+commissions or standard acc and no commissions?

I’m using ICMarkets as a broker. They have two accounts: Standard account (cost is spreads) and Raw spread account (cost is commissions but no raw spreads).

One strategy I’m trying out is scalping for 4-5 pips with the same 4-5 pip stop. I’m trying to figure out which account will be better for this strategy - the standard account with no commissions but added spread or the raw spread account with commissions.

What are your suggestions? What kind of accounts do scalpers use?

being a scalper i prefer account with raw spreads and low commission

What broker are you using and what are your commissions like?

With ICmarkets, I’m getting a $7 round trip commission per lot. Their raw account spreads really does look like the real deal. I don’t know if spreads can get any tighter than that.

Of those two accounts I would use the raw spread account for what you are looking to do