Which account should I close US traders?

I am diversifying into the Futures markets and I wish to close either my Gain Capital or Oanda accounts which I use MT4 . Any US traders have any preferences ? I trade the 1 and 4 hr charts and I really havent noticed much difference over the yrs on fills, remittance, support, spreads etc ; both to my knowledge are not pass thrus.


Funny. Me too. I have my FOREX account through Oanda and my Futures account through Daniels Trading(that clears through Gain). Not sure why I did that, it kinda just happened/ I have my charting platform
through TrandingView, as I don’t use MT4 so all the charts look the same.

you should use MT4. It has full tools for you to analyze the market. If you feel that it is not enough, you can go to google and search for additional indicators to supplement. Actually mt4 is very full and strong already.