Which Bank do you use to hide your money abroad

So, my question is which online bank do you trust. I’m going to be traveling outside the US at some point and would like a bank with worldwide access. Just don’t want a US bank with excessive fees when doing purchases or cash withdrawals abroad?
So who do you trust?

IRS likes this element :+1:

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LOL, I don’t think I’m going to get much responses with that heading.
So I’ve been looking into banks that would allow for international purchases and cash withdrawals without outrageous fees that one would acquire with most US banks.
So far I’m on the top of my list is the Capital One 360 account that I’m seriously considering.
Based on the reviews from this nerdwallet article.

Let anyone who has info cometh forth with thy 2 cents.

Amen :laughing:

Navy Federal Credit Union is a pretty good bank for travel since it caters to military personnel. But it’s a somewhat exclusive bank you would need a recommendation from someone who banks with them or be in the military your self. I’m not sure if those rules still stand though. That’s how it was when I first signed with them 5 years ago.

Also no foreign transaction fees.

You are right in that you need a family member who is member of NavyFedCU. I went to my local NavyFedCU and was told I needed to be member of the Navy or any other branch of the military. I could also join if I had a family member who was a member. Or if I had some type of loan with them.

How long are you travelling? If it’s not weeks, why not just bring the cash with you from the US, and then depend mainly on credit cards without foreign transaction fees? Cash withdrawals outside of Europe sounds like mucho heavy fees. Not sure those are given away by banks for free.

Better yet, ask you US bank for the foreign denomination while you’re still in the US.