Which broker I should use?

Im new to trading and lookin for a broker I enjoy trading Nas100 as well any recommendations?
Im so confused on what to use there is so many of them.

Wow, now we will see lots of undercover advertisers, watch out for them.

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You can say that again, and again and again.

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Still, threads of this kind in trading forums are quite useful for identifying brokers to avoid, aren’t they? If this is what they have to resort to, to find customers, you can be pretty confident they’re no good? :sweat_smile:

how long do you trade?

First consider the regulation of a broker and then consider what services you need to have and whether the broker is providing you with that service or not.

Maybe try checking out the School of Pipsology lesson on choosing a broker. It breaks down the important factors to consider when selecting a broker, especially for someone new to the game.

Best of luck on your trading journey!


Choose any broker which offers a demo account. But only send money to a broker that based in a strongly regulated jurisdiction such as the UK, EU, US, possibly Australia.

Don’t start trading until you are a good trader - that’s what the demo account is for.

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This is the most important thing to know, and to act on.

Be careful of brokers with different companies who say on their web sites that they’re FCA-regulated (UK) or ASIC-regulated (Australia) and then open accounts for new customers under a separate company only “regulated” in a Pacific or Caribbean country where the “regulators” don’t protect the customers at all.

It’s quite a scammy industry and you need to take a lot of care.

Make sure before sending money that YOUR ACCOUNT is regulated by a proper regulator. Just doing this avoids at least 95% of the potential accidents ahead.

If high leverage is available, that proves that the account is NOT properly regulated, as no proper regulator allows high leverage (for good reasons).

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Thank you everyone for the help and information and no this is definitely not advertising lol :joy: new to trading and learning just wanted to know what was a great regulated broker since I am in US

IFC Markets without a doubt or Forex.com

In that case, this is the (recent) post you need, from the Oracle Himself:-

there are plenty of such brokers where you can start with 100$. blaze markets, fxpro, oanda etc. choose any of those.

I have two accounts one with IG and one with Blackbull.
I would recommend both - both send funds into bank account next day and both regulated (IG in UK and Blackbull in new zealand)

BlackBull high leverage accounts are not regulated in New Zealand (that wouldn’t be legal).

BlackBull just like their customers, when opening accounts, to imagine that they will be, and think that they’ll therefore have a proper regulator on their side if/when they have problems.

In fact, they don’t and won’t.

Hence all the litigation (including a “class action”) against BlackBull.

Probably one to stay well away from.