Which broker is better?

Hello everyone,
I’m wondering between 2 brokers: Robomarket and exness
Could you guys tell me that which one is better?? I’m kinda confuse.

I’m nor experienced with these two brokers but I know someone who maybe can help you.
Do you know @flamingoproxy anything about these two brokers?

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Why just those two? I use Oanda. I’m happy.

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I use exness. They are using the fix spread for some pair starting from 20 pips and $1 commission per lot per side. So far there is no deposit and withdrawal issue, i am happy for it.
Anyway can you help me to finish my last task in colleges with filling the short questionnaire of Fx broker? here is the links:
FX Broker Marketing Channel: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ozmHxktGPJxHdvTM-5SBUwH4836QCznzTUOZZoPpsww/edit
FX Broker Product & Services: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15Ozwl5PASWiTweg5SgHxjRyQtewP4tXzv8C5TsDzaBU/edit

I have the same question as samewise. :sweat_smile: If you don’t mind, what made you consider only those two? :smiley: I’ve tried Oanda and Forex.com and they’re both pretty good. :blush:

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I use Exness and it’s pretty cool. No issues as regards anything since using them.

I prefer brokers who have been in the Forex market for more than 10 years.

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i’ve never used either, and know nothing up-to-date about Exness (their reputation in the industry used to be really horrible, but i’m looking back many years, saying that)

Roboforex have two different brokerages (RoboForex and RoboMarkets) run by the same company: one is properly regulated; the other (with ridiculously high leverage available) isn’t - i would strongly advise anyone not to open an account with the branch that’s “regulated” only by the Belize and/or Bahamas “regulator” but to stick to the other one

other than that, nothing helpful to say at all - sorry!

Unfortunately I do not have experience with non.

Yeah, like anyother broker that is not regulated they offer high leverage.
Thank you for the information @flamingoproxy
You are helpful as always!

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I suggest you find it yourself by exploring their websites and their conditions!
As a US citizen, think about your tax and other things as well.
And also if you believe in your trading strategies, use high-leverage ones! Why not if they are trustable?!
And at the end, I suggest you go and search for more names and options, why just these two?! Create a big list and consider them 1 by 1!
Best Luck/

because counterparty market-making forex “brokers” offering high leverage are not reliably regulated, simply because the UK, European, Australian and American regulators (for very good reasons) don’t allow such “brokers” to offer high leverage

it’s really very, very simple: if you see a “broker” offering high leverage then you already know that they are not regulated by a proper regulator, and therefore not trustworthy - because the two things are, by definition, mutually exclusive

be aware that brokerages choose whether and by whom to be regulated

in Australia (just to take one example) there are brokers regulated by ASIC (they don’t offer high leverage and are not allowed to), and other brokers not regulated by ASIC (some of whom offer high leverage), but you can be 100% certain that if an Australian brokerage offers you a high-leverage account, then that account is not regulated by ASIC and is not one with which you should open an account - there’s nothing difficult to understand, here, as long as you avoid the mistake of assuming that because a brokerage is based in a country which has a reliable regulator available that that brokerage has chosen to be regulated by that regulator - many have made the opposite choice, and their reasons for having done so are not too hard to understand! :wink:

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As I mentioned earlier, I do not trade with high leverages but are you 100% sure that no broker does it? In the world? I have no information about this!

Yes, I heard this one a lot. Well, I guess it seems logical!

That was a good example. But in the end, I’ll stick to my idea (even if I am not using it) if you find a trustable and good-regulated one (based on what you had told me) and it is offering high leverages and it suits your strategies, Try it!

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Not going to disagree with that. Do you know any broker that is regulated and also offer a high leverage?

Hello Oli.
Not now, I do not know anyone
but if one day I decide to trade with high leverage I will search for that (I do not think I need that)
In the end, it is up!
go and search and inform us if you know one :grinning:

Without a doubt, I will. but I don’t believe there are any. The norms of the regulatory agency prevent regulated brokers from offering large leverage. So I’m not optimistic about finding such a broker. :smile:

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almost all of the brokers are same
take a look at no kyc brokers or small spreads brokers, probabply these one are also good, depends of your needs