Which broker is the best for Australia

What do you want me to explain? IC price manipulations or Pepperstone cases? Better ask them to explain how do they are doing it when they are so called regulated.

My opinion is FP markerts or IG.

There is no definition of the best broker. You must choose the one that works well with your trading needs. Whether it is trading costs that matter or you want plenty of trading tools, you must never refrain from doing your research to find the best broker.

Trading platforms, order execution speed, spread size, and commissions are some important factors that you must look for in your broker.

If you are looking for an option in regulated, then you can try aaafx or icmarkets. Both are reliable brokers and have good trading conditions.

Make sure they’re ASIC regulated.

Try out a demo account with the following and see which one you like:

  • FXCM
  • Pepperstone
  • Vantage
  • FBS
  • FP Markets

Doesnt look like ICM is regulated by the ASIC anymore. I could be wrong. Just thought i would post encase someone looks at this old message.

Hi @notadoctor, It’s ASIC regulated for Australian Traders Only.

Any IC Markets traders outside of Australia will be pushed sideways to either Bahamanian, Cypriot or a Seychelles FSA authority.

If you want regulated, then I’d go for IC markets, if you’re wanting better leverage then I’d look at EaglefFX

I’ve not used them I use LonghornFX for all my trading there a reliable solid all round broker

Unfortunatley your options are very limited if you live in AUS and want leverage, best option would be to go offshore with a broker that has been around for a while.

Personally I’m using a mix of ICMarkets and CedarFX at the moment - but I live in the UK so I can still get 1:500 on Forex - you can also get 1:500 on CedarFX regardless where you are based, so maybe that might the best option for you. But as always, DYOR and see what works for you.

Hugo’s Way have been reliable for me.

I would look towards an off shore broker. They offer the flexibility you need with regards to leverage and choice of crypto. I use EagleFX and they are reliable and consistent with the spread.

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Here are some good options for high leverage brokers List Of Best High Leverage Brokers

Fxview or Fxpro can be a good option

Yes with offshore broker you can enjoy high leverage however it comes with drawback of slightly less protection. The optimal choice would be a FCA regulated broker like Hotforex which combines safety with all the amenities of high leverage trading.

True. Off shores are very good choice. :+1:

I personally prefer regulated brokers more over offshore brokers due to their reliability and trustworthiness.

Choose a broker that satisfy your trading needs and is reliable. Do your proper research before committing to a broker.

@johnathanneal Absolutely mate! Without good research, it won’t be possible to find a good broker. Saying this because I did a good amount of research before I could close the deal with aaafx and icmarkets. Been trading with them since then.