Which broker is your favourite and why?

Which country are you from? :open_mouth:

Am From Bangladesh.

My current favourite broker is FP Markets. I've been trading with it for two months; their trading conditions are some of the best, with a minimum opening balance of $100 AUD.

Their customer service is pretty impressive in solving and answering clients queries even through live chats and emails.

Was interested to see who everyone is using. I’m with an offshore broker (controversial I know) but I’ve had a good experience. Seems like IG is a popular one but I also saw some that I haven’t heard much about mentioned.

There is no such favourite for me I just look for the few factors like low commissions, best trading conditions and regulations. I had started trading forex with a broker whose spreads were fine but commissions were $6 but after some research on brokers, I eventually switched to fxview and trading with them for the past one year. I believe in maximising the return on capital and which is lite on pocket I will go with that. Numbers matter when all other things are the same - $2 is way too less than $6.

Not sure IG supports your country. But it doesn’t hurt to ask them.

Maybe IG International

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My two favorites are Turnkeyforex and Eaglefx. Low trading costs are my priority and both these brokers offer low spreads and commissions.

Advantages to both but spread is not that low

IC Markets for spread certainly.

My favorite broker is FP Markets and I prefer them because they have a minimum opening balance of $100 AUD with lower commission costs and the spreads starts from 0.0pips as promised.

Mine is Fxview because of their
-low commissions
-tight spreads
-btc deposits

Lots of choice these days and certainly I have used a lot of the big brokers mentioned in the thread. In terms of operating costs, I’ve found CedarFX cheap, infact they have zero trading commissions on each trade. ICM still my main, good leverage, spread they let you use EAs if you want to

can i ask why the broker needs regulation? currently most regulated brokers are moving parts of there services offshore as there regulations do not cover there clients from around the world. IC markets have move some of there services to Seychelles so meaning that there regulations do not apply to all. With this there are offshore brokers that have been around for years that offer great services and are trusted in what they offer. I agree there are some out there that also can not be trusted but this also goes for regulated with the likes of JP markets not protecting there clients even when they were regulated. There are so many things to consider about brokers not just there regulation, currently all my crypto has been traded with Hugosway and have not had any issues for years

I’ve been trading with CedarFX for quite some time. They’re reliable, with a zero-commission account, same-day withdrawals, and crypto trading available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In my opinion, CedarFX is the best broker.

My favourite has to be CedarFX as they have low spreads no commission min $10 deposit and fast withdraws I’ve never had any issues with them and there ec account is worth a look as they help to replant trees which is good

I won’t say that a single broker is my favorite because there are so many that I have been trading with because they all fit my trading requirements one or the other way.

My favorite broker is FP Markets, I've been trading with them for a couple of years and the spreads have not changed, its lower and stable starting at 0.0 pips for most parts of the day.

The customer service members are also polite and quick in solving most of my queries at any part of the day.

It’s hard to find a good broker when there are so many of them offering similar services. I think it’s best to stay with a broker that helps you trade the way you want.

Looks like different traders are trading with different brokers. I have saved all these names and will test them on my own to see which one works the best for me.

My favorite one is EagleFX mainly because of the fast withdraws, responsive support and the good trading conditions.