Which broker is your favourite and why?

I am looking for a good regulated broker. Can you guys list out your favorite brokers here and the reasons for them too, so I have a good list to check from.

I use IG mainly as a good clean platform and never had any issues in years

Depends on where you live. Which country are you from? :slight_smile:

If you’re in the US, I use forex.com but IG is a good one also.

IG is good. If you can meet the minimum capital requirement, you can use it. That is a very popular and stable broker. I use an offshore broker called Forexchief, with less minimum startup, high leverage and easy trading. No issues for 12 months running.

I’m in Europe.

IG is ok - always been good for me over several years.

You can try out fxview, good broker recently came across them. Conditions seem quite favorable for trading. Other than them, icm is also a good option but commissions are lower with fxview comparatively.

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I like Darwinex. They are serious and also well regulated.
I like to listen to Darwinex “uncut” videos. Gives you a good view how a broker works.


IG accept non-US as well? It works more of stock-broker, did you try forex with them?

Darwinex requires €500 as minimum deposit which is kinda high.

Fxview looking good, do they provide research/signals?

IG is a UK broker, they do forex. Have a look at them they are popular and always ok with me,

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Guys any Clue about broker in morocco ?

There you go. IG should be good then! @williamOZ