Which broker should i start with fast execution and low spreads?

@ontario, I, partially agree with you but on the other hand, Some brokers made there minimum deposit so low so that everyone will have access to the financial market. anyone can lose money in the financial market its not about how much you deposited but how disciplined you are in your money & strategy management.

Lots of good brokers out there - ICMarkets are a decent broker. But it totally depends where you are located.

Before selecting any broker, its really important to checkout either that broker offered trading service for your location. Currently I’m trading with Forex Trading broker named Baazex ( Baazex.com ).
I also used other brokerage firm but problem is all of them are not best due to restricted and fake trading terms. But, now I’m satisfied due to Solid trading terms and condition including low spread and fast execution etc.

Forexchief? Its one of my side brokers. When you need certain trading conditions you are better off with Forexchief and a few good offshore brokers out there. 2 years with them, no issues. Scalping is particularly good on their mt4.

Lots of decent suggestions but you must always do your own research and check reviews.

Online review sites have nothing to do with the actual credibility of the broker. Listening personal experiences from the real traders can be helpful for sometimes. Just an example, I had a very bad experience with Fxopen and a good experience with exness.

Read out my detailed answer here. It will certainly educate you to select a trustworthy and an honest broker.

Great research but I think only live tests can give you valuable experience that will work only for you.

Sorry to hear that you had bad experience with our Company. We would be happy to answer the questions you might have regarding the issues you’ve faced. Let me know if I can help you to sort out any questions/issues.

Look for a reliable broker with a proper regulation. This should be the first criteria.

The next criteria obviously can be the trading conditions like Spreads, execution etc.

It is easy for you to figure out which brokers offer the lower spreads, look for this info in myfxbook spreads or Forexfactory spreads.

I’m looking to open a new account myself for my new scalping strategy (Profits are as low as 1 or 2 pips too) So needs a broker that has real tight spreads.

From my initial research, FP Markets is looking good. Waiting for feedback from rest.

Actually i came across this before as well, when i did my google, it seems that FP has a fater execution and the spreads are lower than we expect, i was about to try them but then dint want to rush just because they have some good points, but they can be considered.

Give it a try to turnkeyforex, currently using them as my broker. Gotta say man they have a damn fast execution. Never got to worry about my trade execution. They are the broker worth consideration as spreads are also low.

HI everyone I am a beginner and was looking for the same info, if recommending any broker with lower spreads would you be kind enough to provide with proof as well showing the spreads so that i will be