Which broker to use in Finland?

Hi guys, I want to know that which reliable brokers do you guys recommend for a trader based in Finland.

Currently, I am using Oanda and I want to know your broker experience.


Its depend on your preference. If you want to go for offshore broker with affiliate program, you may try out Pacific Union as I have been using until now. So far the spread is low and trading environment is good with less slippage happened. Deposit and withdrawal are fine. :+1:

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Hello Vince and thank you for the information and I will look it up.
Stay in touch man. I know no Fins who trade.
I wanted to also talk about the taxes.

I believe there are traders from Finland just most of them trade it quietly. Maybe you can try out to reach them by posting a topic in community. About the taxes part, i’m not sure with that. You may try to call the taxes department of your country to know more about it. As for a Malaysian, the broker we use are normally offshore, by the law we are off from paying tax for the income/investment through forex out of the country.

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A Broker is the most important element in forex trading. If you choose the wrong broker for you, you can face a great loss. So, be careful when you are going to choose a broker for you.

You can go with any broker regulated by a EU based regulator. I’m with fxview, good spreads, low comm, no dramas with deposit withdrawal, so far the broker looks good.

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Thanks, I will look it up.

I know a few guys from Finland using Forexchief. We are in the same telegram group. The experience is good. I’ve been using it for more than 12 months. Easy to take profit all the time.

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Mention not!

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Hey Melvic, add me to the group as well. I will PM you my number.

Fxview. They are with cysec so won’t be an issue if you’re from finland.

You can send PM, I’ll give your number to the admin.

I am searching for a suitable broker to find the one that suits my requirements well. I am considering the spread size, transaction costs, customer service, and other fees. Is there anything that I am missing?

You can use any reliable broker. You can also try some offshore brokers who take clients from anywhere in the world. Just make sure it suits your trade.

If you are willing to opt for an offshore broker then I would suggest checking out Forexchief. I think you will be satisfied with its services both on demo as well as later on when you would switch to a live account. It offers low spread/ commission and is prompt in sorting out issues.

There are a lot of brokers that offer their services in Finland. You will just have to look for a broker that fits your personal trading requirements. You can try their demo accounts to get an idea about their offerings and features.

Oanda is a good broker in my experience. I have a demo with this broker, a micro account with Fxtm and an ECN with Fxview. The returns on my micro account are not so great but I’m working on it. Getting very good and tight spreads on my Ecn. you can check out demos of different brokers to get an idea and go with the one that has no restrictions as such. There are many brokers that accept clients from anywhere in the world. Good luck.

Is FXTM really trustworthy?

Turnkey forex is good too.