Which broker would be best for a begginer

A lot of brokers are out there. As a new trader, it is better to start with demo and understand all the trading conditions.

If you’re a new trader, I recommend you start with a broker that offers low deposits. That would give you a good exposure of the market.

Aximtrade allow deposit from $1 so you can just put in $50 and start gaining some experience from there. they offer both forex and major crypto like BTC or ETH. Pretty straight forward member area for you to navigate and easy to use MT4 platform.

have you traded with them, did have any withdraws? if yes was it smooth? thx

To answer what broker to choose, here’s my tips. Look for a broker that is regulated by one or more government regulators. Make sure you are able to try out their trading platform for free on a demo account first and look for customer reviews.

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I prefer to trade with a broker who has a minimum spread. I don’t need extra costs. Therefore, I chose FXOpen, where the spread is from 0 pips.