Which brokers provide fixed spreads?


I want to have a list of brokers that provide fixed spreads. Doesn’t have to be very low spreads. Doesn’t have to be ‘fixed’ 24 hours(I can accept that spreads be widened around news time), other time should be fixed through all trading sessions.
Anyone knows any ?

Thank you very much.

All Market Makers provide fixed spreads. ECN brokers do not. If you want fixed spreads, choose FXCM

what? FXCM is an ECN. I guess the micro accounts aren´t ECN but I don´t see an advantage over Oanda if you trade a micro account on FXCM.

Hi isildur,

The FXCM Micro accounts receive the same No Dealing Desk (NDD) forex execution as the standard 10k accounts. Please feel free to visit the FXCM Broker Aid section of the BabyPips forum where we have an overview of how NDD works and questions are welcome.


I´m sorry my mistake. I apologize for this. Probably was another broker who has fixed spreads @ micro accounts.

FXDD has fixed spreads and are reasonable about news releases.

Are you looking for broker for news trading?

Do you have suggestions for fixed spread broker? thanks

fxopen have fixed spreads.

There is no such thing as “fixed spreads”. Why are some traders still seeking such nonsense as some criterion for picking a broker?