Which company have the best affiliate commission offer?

Hi guys! I need your help. I recently just got into myself into affiliate marketing. I heard you can make good money with this. I did a little research but i still need your help. Do you guys have any suggestion on which company that gives the best offer for affiliate comission?
I appreaciate your help! Thank you in advance!

Oh. :open_mouth: I’m not so sure about the experience with affiliate marketing, but the discussion in this thread might be something you can check out? :thinking:

If you don’t mind me asking, what got you into affiliate marketing in the first place? :blush:

Thanks! I will definately look it up!

Currently i see a lot of traders community in my country are doing affiliate marketing. They also say you can make good income just by promoting the platform you are using now.

what is this affiliate? i used translate but i am not sure
i think it is like that you bring people to broker and you give money? is it true?
thank you if you can tell me easy about it

I think it would be a good option if you have a lot of followers or friends! But it wont be helpful to me, since I am a introvert and well, i am not good at advertising :slight_smile:

Hello vasil. Let me explain it to you as far as I know.
so affiliate marketing is like being a virtual salesperson on the internet. It’s when people or businesses, known as affiliates, promote someone else’s products or services online. (here brokers!) When they make a sale or get people to take action, like signing up or buying something, they earn a commission.

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Affiliate marketing is a pyramid scheme. Only the founder and very few people below get good money. Get away asap.

I use Hotforex rebates since I trade with this broker. Brokers are quite transparent with this so you can compare freely and make informed decision.

Hello Castro!
Being an IB in the currency market is, in my opinion, highly undervalued. Although I haven’t looked into it, I believe it can make you money if you find people who are in excellent financial standing and can spend money at the brokerages you connect them to.
You may quickly look up which broker offers you the best commission using Google.
Also, please provide me with more details regarding being an IB.
Best Luck/