Which five crypto small cap tokens to add to a Crypto portfolio, and why?

I have been reviewing small caps with a view to add up to five of them to our portfolio. Each one will not exceed about 1% of our total portfolio value, and they should have an opportunity to do a 10X or more within 3 years. Does anyone have any favourites as outliers that may achieve dramatic growth in the next 3 years, and why?

The current portfolio contains the following % holdings by value. The DeFi Kingdoms / Harmony is overweight. Its organic growth has been dramatic, and the intention is to cut its contribution by 5% total and replace that with 5 x 1% outliers.

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Some crypto pays interest for holding it (staking). Are you taking that into account when deciding which crypto to hold?

No - this is one particular part of my crypto portfolio. A whole other part of it is dedicated to managing risk and opportunity of single currency staking (and LP staking as part of that strategy)