Which Forex Account?

So confused and so many big sharks out there in the Forex world.
I’ve open demo accounts with and these are the problems:

  1. NORDMARKET(swiss)
    even though has the best chart and platform but people in forum said withdrawal money is fuss.So freak out!

    always connection is stop.Even I’ve equipt with best internet connection.

  3. OANDA
    same problem as in Interbank

    Some say the spreads are high like 20 pips???

  5. FXCM
    same as Forec Trader

So all the sifu out there, what’s your recommendation?
I’ve years of trading stocks and had no problems with T.A but a big Problem in choosing a good Forex Broker if not better.

I salute your recommendation!:stuck_out_tongue:

I always suggest Oanda. They seam best out of the brokers I’ve seen. Plus they let you use any lot size you want. Their charts suck but I just run a MT4 demo for my chart work.

I’ve the demo and its hard to read the TA.But still love Nordmarket Metatrader 4 with less connection breakdown plus excellent charting compare to others.Anyone using Nordmarket?Positive and negative reviews are very much appreciated!:p:p:p

I use ACM and I think they are the best!!!
They will become a Swiss bank so no problem withdrawing money there and they own their software, so there are no technical problems either.
The only thing: they don�t have mt4 yet, they told me they were going to add it in July, but I haven�t had any news yet

I use FX solutions they have 4 different trading platofrms in cluding mobile trading. spreads are nto the greatest but consistent during news even though i dont trade news. Also you can trade gold silver , A Contract for Difference (CFD) is an over-the-counter trading .