Which Forex Broker to choose

Hi, I am new to forex and still on my studies through Baby pips website and several youtube channels. I need to open a demo account and start practicing now and bit confused about the broker whom to select. I am a Sri Lankan citizen, working and living in the UAE. Through my search I figured-out few brokers as regulated. I hope to do the trading with my laptop and do not have good mobile phone to facilitate same. Laptop is brand new Lenovo, intel core i5, 12th gene with sufficient memory. Kindly could anyone guide me to which broker should I go facilitating trading view, MT4, good web platform, etc with no withdrawal issues.
Sorry if this is an unwanted question and Thank you all in advance.

Personally I would go with either IG or forex.com, if living in UAE.

Both are ok.

Your laptop sounds more than adequate.

(Don’t assume that a forex broker being DFSA-regulated in UAE is necessarily an advantage. It’s not a great regulator anyway.)


Thank you very much for the reply. It means a lot.

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+1 for IG Index

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For your needs, consider brokers like Pepperstone, IG, or XM, known for their regulation, reliability, and diverse trading platforms like MT4 and web-based options. These brokers typically offer user-friendly interfaces, ideal for beginners, and reliable withdrawal processes. Ensure to verify regulations and conduct thorough research before finalizing your choice. Happy trading!

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Hi and welcome in BP community :slightly_smiling_face: it will be long journey before you open live account, take time and don’t rush. Currently which broker you will choose is less matter, you have to familiar with platform and the market. Your laptop is good but don’t forget about stable internet connection, good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Heary1950 @Christopher-Shevlin Thank you very much for the reply. It means a lot

@ProfesorPips Thank you very much for the reply. It means a lot

I think Just market is Good a little??

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TradingView has a Paper Trading feature, which allows you to trade with fake money. You will then later be able to simply switch to a real broker. I’m not saying it’s the best solution or anything, but it will work to get started :slight_smile:

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