Which Forex Brokers don't have Slipage problem?

May I know which Forex Brokers don’t have Slippage problem?

You are likely to face slippage withe very broker, but it should not be that big unless you are trading with forex broker who has poor liquidity. Slippage usually only occurs during big market events.

You face slippage with all brokers, but it can work in your favour.
Fxcm have a list showing % of positive/negative slippage

OIC, thanks bro…

My real experience… I open a trade with 100pips stop loss on weekday and hold until next week. When the market open on Monday, my trade close below my stop loss 200 pips+ far away from my preset stop loss, I am getting shock on that time, how come the price is not close on my desired stop loss? ON that time the broker’s staff told me that is the unusual event happen in Greece. I am still not very understand what he/she say about the RATE issue. But one thing I am very sure that the STOP LOSS not the 100% secure order. I found that USD/CHF have slippage problem during Weekday, is about 900pips gap, the less of the major pair is about 200-400pips gap. Some non major pair currency gaps up to 2000pips, this is very scary and risky man! I knew is seldom happen… but there is a risk there. As a result, Risk Management is become a very important topic we have to master it.

problem with risk management is that sl is not guaranteed, as you find you can get slipped bad.

idk, bottom line may be to not have more in broker account than you can afford to lose.

or trade on a scale where these gaps are not going to be the end of the account.

Got notification about abnormal volatility during Greece collapse from Hotforex, it may be a real slippage as there are serious fundament events take place. Your broker should always warn you about that. If no, then it is a fine pretext for them to cheat you with fake market spikes and slippage.

Slippage occurs with every broker especially during high volatility periods . But it can can be minimize. You can also use it to your advantage and make profitable trades.

slippage is in every broker, if there is no slippage in a certain broker thats a big QUESTION thats makes you think of its credibility, many factors affect slippage and most are really unavoidable, even i encounter slippage with hotforex but its manageable nothing too extreme.