Which forex trading signal is accurate?

Please provide review link of that software to support it.

There isn’t one that is consistently accurate or profitable. If that existed then we would all do everything to get our hands on it. You’d be better off by learning in the BabyPips school.

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I second zianfx on both the points made.

Signals are not the best option for working on the market.
Because it cannot be checked and because it does not provide security in the market.

I have been using IQBot of late. Pretty content with it.

Even if you find a good one, it won’t work forever. Learn to trade by yourself and find a strategy that will work for you.

It seems to me that the signals require a lot of checking and adaptation so that you can use them freely and without unnecessary emotions.
But in general, you can use any resources you want, but don’t invest in it.

Still, the signals should be combined with real market analysis and real trading, because you should control what happens to your money. That’s why every person in the market has to learn how to make decisions independently…

I wouldn’t say that’s strictly true, I’ve noticed there is a massive stigma in the trading community to spend any money investing in courses or anything signal related that’s often without really even having any experience of doing either of the two.