Which good broker or platoform for OCO & OTO orders

i really need someone to point me in the direction of an online broker that can perform One Triggers the Other (OTO) orders and One cancells the other OCO type orders…preferably for free as im a range trader and i need to set this kind of order up for the break when im not sure which way it will go…ideally i want a free system just for order execution …please help.

Yep. Only one on the planet that fulfils your EXACT requirements: Deltastock!!!

No kidding.

By using what are called ‘Conditional Orders’ you can create quite a ‘matrix’ (for want of a better word) of orders. Like ‘if this one gets executed then place that one but if that one is executed then cancel another’. That type of thing. Up to sixteen ‘conditions’ or ‘ifs / buts /ands’ or ‘branches’ or ‘Conditional Orders’ can be set up at once (could be twenty though i.e. I don’t use them because I don’t trade Spot FOREX).

I won’t ‘start’ with all of the other benefits and merits of trading with Deltastock i.e. should be common knowledge by now!!! LOL!!!