Which Indicator Best

Am In Binary Option Around 30 Days And It’s Now As A Drug.I Can’t Forget Binary Option.A Chiness Man Give Me Signal Everyday And He Take Some Profits From Me.Now I Want To Buy Indicator.Please Tell Me Which Indicator Is Best For Me.

That will be a hard thread, wow :slight_smile:

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Maybe the 50 MA?

You have to try it individually and analyse whether you understand it or not.
It can be tested and chosen - there is a great variety now.

I’m not going to recommend you anything, any indicators can now be studied 100%, but what suits me may not suit you at all, so you’d better try and choose something personally.

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What do you mean by “indicator” here? Maybe you mean an EA, or an entire system/strategy put together by this gentleman?

Perhaps you should see what happens in another 30 or 60 days. But there isn’t just a single “best” or holy grail indicator.

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Maybe the 50 MA?

a moving average is an indicator of the past, not the future.

having said that, all basic indicators that are available with your typical trading platform are simply combinations of moving averages.

having said that, any indicator or trading bot that uses the basic indicators will never make profit consistently.

Indicators all work in one way or another, just don’t forget the importance of fundamental analysis in our business.

All indicators have some use and help us identify the possibilities in price movements. However, there is no best indicator. It depends on your strategy and how you use it.

Actually, binary options, as far as I concerned, require special approach. I guess the only option you have is to try to use moving averages, because they can easily help you to determine the direction of the price. For example, 50-200 MA, or ema. When the bars cross the line, then there is a signal either upward or downward. Everything depends on the direction of a price. Nevertheless, such signals can be fake ones and often it happens that they don’t help you to guess. Some traders make full technical analysis with zones support and resistance, trend lines and patterns and this is also can be an option for you.

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All the indicators might be useful. Here we shouldn’t just take a random indicator and try to implement it into the strategy. Strategy is being formed not only due to indicators, but due to the combination of favorable factors and conditions.

Firstly, you should thoroughly analyse the current situation on the market, if you are a long-term investor then apply to the economics claendars, articles and various researches on the current situation. Then pick an indicators and observe them. If you are a short-term trader, then you should pay attention to those indicators which works best on M5, M15, H1 and H4 time frames. I can allocate several ones, for example, bollinger bands, RSI, SMA, MA, EMA, fibonacci levels. At least, I used all of them and if you will be able to find a good combination ou will be succeeded.

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For me, there are no best indicators, I even believe that indicators are useless, because for example, rsi or small shows you the track of the grpahic, but it doesn’t help you to understand what’s going on the market. RSI helps you to determine either the assets is oversold or it’s overbought.
In other cases it’s useless. Try to pay attention to volumes and learn how to analyse the DOM or order book. In this case you will be able to understand when to open a position and when it’s better to stay off this idea.
Guess that this is much more useful than using indicators, also you can pay attention to various patterns and figures.

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For what pair?
For OTC stocks I use:
Stochastic Oscillator and the RSI together with the Double Z strategy!
For Organic pairs:
Keltner Channel with 3 EMA, Stochastic + RSI

I don’t prefer a particular indicator TBH. But if someone would ask me I’ll recommend trying technical analysis. It is exact and assumable for most of the traders.