Which Indice serves as the best indicator trading stocks? US30 or SP500 or Both

I like forex but I also like stocks too.
I want to trade stocks purely technical. I use technicals and fundamentals in forex trading.
Which indice serves as the best indicator trading the stock market?
US 30 or SP500 or both (explain why).

If price are moving in an established uptrend, that’s the only time I’m involved in the stock markets, long side only. During this period, both Dow and S&P (also Nas100) will be moving in step with each other but I would take a more critical risk-averse view as soon as any one of these turned slightly bearish: any weakness in any of the 3 would encourage me to take profits for example, possibly exit stocks altogether.

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Thank you very much for the well defined answer. :slight_smile:

Some guys watch the US2000 small caps. Reason is simple - if you are feeling like taking on some risk, small companies offer higher risk but conversely higher return.

exactly ! second this

Aye I was going to point out to the op how the small caps broke last Friday’s high yesterday late in the session.
Lo and behold the others followed today :slight_smile: