Which is the best course for stock trading?

Do you guys know about this trading course >>

  • Warrior Trading
  • Investors Underground
  • Trade Ideas
  • Tim Sykes Trading Program
  • Snap Academy

Suggest me the best one I can take as a stock market trader?

Also, if you have any recommendation please comment below!

I dont trade stocks. But I have seen tim Sykes’s videos arund for a long time. He has actually made millionaires. Just think about that. Actual people who say he taught me and now I’m a millionaire. Not many people can say that in retail trading. In my opinion hes the guy to follow if you want to trade stocks. Dont know who the others are. I’ve heard of warrior trading but not followed him much.

Hi Susandrid,
About eight years ago I spent £3,000 on a stock market trading course in London. I do not regret it, but I could have spent an awful lot less if I had found the babypips forum first. My recommendations are:
1 Don’t spend ANY money on courses until you have read babypips education series.
2 Try to find a local group of investors and join them face to face. Either stock or forex or commodities investors. After a while, you will realize that there is littie difference between a successful stock trader and a successful forex trader.
3 Be patient.

What about the other, such as Snap Academy or Warrior Trading?

Why you don’t trade stocks?

What do you mean Babypips Education Series? Is it online courses provided by babypips

I started with forex so never went over to stocks.

Can we talk about stock trading in our community? asking just out of curiosity.

@Rickster99 Wow… you have to try something new, such as stock and make more money from there hahaha…

How much money did you put in for the first time on forex?

@GMoore Which community? seems interesting!

For stocks, I have no idea. I was just surprised to see a stock trading related question on this forum coz I have not come across any.

I think go through the basics on babypips first. And when you search, make sure you include the word “scam” and “review” to see what others have said about the course

You took the words right out of my mouth. All the information on these paid books are present for free on many free resources and even practiced on free youtube videos. Why would anyone spend a dime.

Hi Susandrid,
Sorry I meant “the School of Pipsology”. Look at the top of the page in the middle with the link to Education. Babypips provides a very thorough education series from kindergarten to high school in all things Forex. First time around it took me about 3 months to complete all of it, but if you want to really accelerate your education I think you can do it in a week. It has exam questions at the end of each course. Just like the ones you pay for.

Hi GMorre
Ask the question in the lobby - there may be a section for stock trading. Personally, having traded stocks, commodities and forex (badly) in the past, I think the knowledge, strategy, money management techniques, goal setting and objective tracking apply equally well to whether you trade Forex, Commodities or Stocks. The liquidity of Forex is so vast compared with the other markets, I tend to want to stick primarily with Forex. However, we do also invest in physical gold and silver, so I consider trading in those commodities in scope of my future portfolio, with the exception that any profits made in that area will be turned into cash same month and invested in the underlying commodity with no counterparty risk (that is to say - the physical metal holdings, not ETFs)

Lobby is for everything that’s not related to trading.
and thats quite a pitch that you just wrote.

It depends on the specific actions. Is this an oil stock? Or is it a construction company?

At the end, I need to pay for it, isn’t it?

Do you familiar with stock courses on Udemi or Snap Academy?

:money_mouth_face:Let me know about oil stock? Is it just focusing on fundamental analysis?

I trade forex and a bit of crypto, but would also like to get into stocks more.
What platform does everyone use for investing?

I would also listen to advice from experienced people.