Which is the best crypto currency to invest in 2022?

I’m too confused about the crypto market. Because there are so many cryptocurrencies, could someone suggest to me which crypto is best to invest in?

Then start by picking the most well known ones and understand what they are and what they do. You need to learn how to do your own research into different coins. Loads of videos on YouTube about how to research a project. Nobody here is a financial advisor to be able to say invest in “this” coin.

The million dollar question! DYOR

Either this is a ploy to get someone else to shill a coin or… if it’s an honest question, you really gotta DYOR like what he said :point_up_2:

Do your own research and buy a coin that has good potential to grow.

Hmmm. :thinking: BTC is still the best one for me. :thinking: For me, it’s one of the first coins you must have. :open_mouth: ETH is another one that’s also been around for quite a while, but I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about LUNA and SOL.

When it comes to crypto, without a doubt, Bitcoin rules the market. It leads the cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, user base, and popularity.

But the growth of cryptocurrencies is fading due to the fact that governments around the world do not accept them. The recent crackdown in China against Bitcoin mining is a case in point, so here comes the Bitcoin alternative.

  1. Ethereum ( ETH)
  2. Litecoin ( LTC)
  3. Cardano (ADA)
  4. Bitcoin Cash ( BCH)

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and can wipe out invested capital in a couple of minutes, so it is advisable to do proper research on your own, follow expert advice, etc. and consciously invest your hard-earned money.

Leverage plays a very important role when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, higher leverage reduces the capital committed to maintaining your position, so it is advisable to keep your margin safe from the volatility of cryptocurrencies by using higher leverage.

I personally prefer Capital Street FX which meets all my needs, for example, Capital Street Fx offers 100x leverage which reduces the required margin to as little as 1%, therefore you can keep $100000 of any crypto with just $1000 On your account, most brokers except Capital Street FX barely offer 1:10 leverage.

Other than this, Capital Street Fx has over 20 cryptos to offer which is good as none of the other regulated brokers offer this amount of crypto to the trader with such a high leverage.

Stick to learning and following BTC and ETH. It’s plenty for a noob.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies to choose from. You can’t distinguish the “best” from the others. Do your research, see videos on how to select them and please avoid any random suggestions.

cardano solana

It is what I do. I don’t really touch anything else, even though I don’t think I am quite a newbie to cryptos anymore.

I have not invested in them as yet, but from my research, the Shiba crypto coin seems to be hitting the market as of now, many have invested in it because the cost seems reasonable and it is also a growing crypto currency.

You should invest in cryptocurrencies with proper research. Try to narrow down your list. Start with the popular ones and read about them. You can add more to your portfolio later on.

I usually go with coins in trending market, so far worked for me pretty well