Which is the best forex signal to subscribe to 2020

Please am looking to purchase a quality accurate signal service, I found forexGDP but i can find anyone talking about them in qoura.
Please I need suggestions and recommendations, I need a paid quality signal provider I can use to validate my trading strategy.
Any help will be highly appreciated!

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How does having your own trading strategy and then following a signal provider work? :open_mouth:

Try your strategy on demo first, make about 50 trades. if more than 35 trades are profitable then it should be a good strategy. just my opinion. and money management is key.

ponponwei, in my small experience many trendfollowing strategies shows entrysignals at more or less the same price level, so if his strategy can be verified by the signal provider then it “could” be valid. but i could be wrong :slight_smile:
now i don’t know if the op (and the signal provider) uses a trendfollowing strategy or something else.

I just need a good signal provider just to valid my strategy, am price action trader and I do follow trends, though I trade any price setup that is profitable with high confluence factors. I just signal to convince my bais. Am looking at forexgdp signal but I don’t hear anyone talking about them

Even if you find a good resource, be sure to check the signals on a demo first, do not risk everything immediately, because it can lead to loss and major disappointment. Any system has errors, so be careful.

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‘’’‘ProFx Analysis Academy’’’’ they are providing individuals with trading signals for a wide number of markets.Daily Forex 90% sure Forex Signals.This signals offering users with great entry and exit points in Forex.Technical Analysis +Fundamental News Analysis.

At the same time, the owner of this channel is always available to answer the necessary questions to clients and users interested in these services.

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And I think signals are quite an actual thing for today…
Especially if you’re not ready to act on your own today, you can at least use it as a certain reference point that will help you find some particularly beneficial moments…

Surely paying for a signal service is completely pointless to validate your trading strategy? Signals are the work of the devil :slight_smile:

Think, if someone is SO successful at trading, why sell signals for $50 a month?!

I think if you want to trade yourself, using the signals is pointless as is not letting you open the trade in your way. If you want do this, then how can u learn anything ?
In my opinion or trade yourself or your automated services/bot :upside_down_face:
You can’t be between and making money long term :man_shrugging::upside_down_face:

Why do you need signals? Market analysis is of course a difficult business, but it’s also quite interesting, because here you can find interesting patterns, and it will allow you to better navigate the market and thus get more profit.

If you’re looking for signals, I can give you a trial code to our channel and if you like it, you can join. Message me on telegram @RoadToRichesFX

Here is some results from last week

The best forex signal for you depends on your requirements and your trading style. You can try out different things to find the best one for you.

I’m up for the trial code