Which is the best Regulated Broker for US clients?

I’m going to be opening a live account soon but I want to demo trade with the same broker as well. So I want to know what the best US regulated broker is, my idea for a regulated broker is this list:

  • Low spread (I don’t know if 0 spread is possible)
  • Low commissions
  • Fast Trade executions
  • Is trusted and doesn’t purposefully try to go against traders

I have a hard time trusting unregulated brokers but if you have some that you know are reliable and trusted and include everything I’m asking for above, then feel free to mention them as well along with why you like said broker, Thanks!

in this game of RETAIL forex trading no broker can be trusted fully. regulated by US or not i have seen credible broker face bankruptcy or a lawsuit on illegal things. ur focus should rather be what broker currently provides the best conditions for your strategy and you use these brokers to acchieve profits as long as u can. i have been usinf a hanfull for my whole 10 years of trading and have not had problems.

past 10 years

past few years

Hmmm. :thinking: You might wanna check out Oanda, FXCM or Forex.com. :blush: I think those are the trusted regulated brokers in the US. :smiley: Personally, I’m with Oanda and Forex.com, but might as well give try those out to see if there’s a match. :blush:

Thanks man!

Yeah I was thinking of using one of those, also IG but I don’t really know yet, thanks for the suggestions!