Which is the best stock broker to scalping

Hi everyone! Which is the best stock broker to scalping stocks? I need something with the lowest spread for it and lowest comission! Do you know something? Especially the scalpers and daytraders…

scalping is most popular and usable trading strategy from all in Fx trading , but so many brokers don’t allow scalping in their trading platform , so its really difficult to find best scalping broker right now.

Hi @MasterStich

By search on google you can easily find best stock broker to scalping and choose those broker whose reviews and rating are awesome

Tom, your post has nothing to do with the question.

The OP’s asking about stocks, not forex.

Retail forex traders can’t scalp - that’s a complete contradiction in terms. But people trading stocks can, because their broker isn’t their counterparty.

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Yes, few brokers are not allowing the scalping trading style; but till now there have enough number of brokers in list.

I guess 70 % of the trader started their trading career with scalping. Because this trading method is very easy and in a very short time period trader’s able to make some profit. Also scalping contains very small risk. But for scalping a secured and restriction free broker with the lowest trading spreads is very necessary. You can short list some of the lowest trading spreads provider and check their demo platform. Trust me this is the best way to get a credible broker.

Wait…So nobody in forex is scalping? Why is it not allowed?!

I though scalping just meant you trade on smaller time frames.

I don’t know about stocks but in Forex it is definitely a low spread broker.
Oanda is good, JAFX is better!

Do you really? I guess it’s less than 1%, probably less even than 0.1%,[quote=“Logan_Gabriel, post:6, topic:145797”]
for scalping a secured and restriction free broker with the lowest trading spreads is very necessary.

I know you’ve misunderstood what “scalping” means, but what’s more important is that you’ve also misunderstood what a “broker” is.

To be able to scalp successfully, you need a broker who isn’t a counterparty to the transaction.

This is among the many reasons why “scalping” and “retail forex trading” are mutually exclusive.

I hope the people you’re trying to explain this to already know enough to understand that you’re totally mistaken about it. I think most of them probably do. But it would still be a good idea for you stop spreading misinformation like this.

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can you make sure some of them ?

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You’ll get limited list from me. Better to use broker section of this forum, as well as others popular forex forum.

Hi @LaughingCharlie, @Peter_Siddle, @Logan_Gabriel and @LukasVisser,

We won’t speak for other forex brokers, but FOREX.com welcomes scalpers with competitive spreads and even offers volume-based rebates.

On the contrary, consider Investopedia’s definition of a counterparty:

A counterparty is the other party that participates in a financial transaction, and every transaction must have a counterparty in order for the transaction to go through. More specifically, every buyer of an asset must be paired up with a seller who is willing to sell and vice versa.

All trades require some sort of counterparty, so for example, the counterparty to an option buyer would be an option writer. One of the risks involved in any transaction is counterparty risk, which is the risk that the counterparty will be unable to fulfill his duties.

The last point above highlights why a retail forex trader always has a retail forex broker as his counterparty. While retail forex brokers are willing to assume the counterparty risk of retail forex traders (the risk that these retail traders are unable to cover their losses), the largest banks in the world (those which trade forex with each other in the interbank market) are not willing to assume the counterparty risk of individual retail forex traders or even the counterparty risk of smaller retail forex brokers.

However, big banks are willing to assume the counterparty risk of retail forex brokers like FOREX.com. These retail forex brokers will in turn act as counterparty to the trades of smaller retail forex brokers and individual retail forex traders. Therefore, by offering to be your counterparty, forex brokers provide retail traders with an important service.

As in any industry, whether it’s cars, clothing, hotels or restaurants, what matters is the quality of your service provider. What matters when trading forex is the quality of your broker. Choosing a broker that is regulated by a reputable government authority where you live can go a long way to addressing the concerns you raised about scalping.

Key advantages of trading with well-regulated brokers are:

  • minimum financial and trading standards they must meet,
  • ongoing monitoring by the regulators to ensure compliance,
  • a framework for handling complaints from customers, and
  • the power to enforce actions against regulated brokers for violations.

For example, the CFTC and NFA set the requirements a broker must meet in order to offer forex trading to US residents. Though not an exhaustive list, this membership application will give you an idea of some of those requirements: Compliance Requirements for Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer (RFED) Applicants | NFA

Scalping is one of the most popular trading system, so as I said, till now many brokers allow this system.

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scalping allows so many brokers right now, but they don’t ensure lowest trading spreads which is the key to success by scalping that brings profit very rapidly.

Yes, I agree with you. Low trading spread is very important parameter here! In addition, traders need to select the brokers who provides low spread trading feature.