Which monitor type would you recommend

I want to buy a monitor. Which model would you recommend? I want a monitor, which connects to my laptop or phone. It has a high processing speed, clear screen, at least 24 inches, etc.

Hi Mupo,
Depends which country you are in. I am in the UK, so I would go to PC World and ask the sales guys which is the best monitor for you. Tell them whether you have an iPhone or Android, and what kind of connections your PC has (hopefully HDMI interface). The reason it is worth asking a store sales person is that it is their job to advise you, and make sure you don’t regret your purchase. I am not too sure about this, but I think you may have to buy a TV, not a monitor. You could read an article such as this one linked below. This relies on a wireless network being available in the home, so your tablet, PC or mobile sends the video image to the internet-enabled TV using wireless. If in doubt, ask in the store and ask for a demo. How To Connect Your Smartphone Or Tablet To Your TV - Which?


Hi, I am use Eizo. Regards Greg

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Hey, thanks for the feedback.

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I will check it up also.

there are a lot of companies, sizes, configuration and you can choose the best once you go out, compare and explore all that available in the market.

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Thanks for this feedback. I will continue browsing.