Which ones are you looking into in this drop?

Adding to my BTC and ETH and thinking of adding others too. Which ones have you been buying or looking into right now?

Holding long-ish term, or trying to make a quick buck or 2?

I’m not convinced there’s enough blood in the streets just yet.

Yes for holding long term. Thinking of going back to DCA which I stopped monthsss ago out of frustration haha. :sweat_smile:

At what BTC level would you be interested?

That saved you some dollars!

$10-12.5K would be crazy!

market is moving around 20k. i hope 12k BTC we will found very rapidly . Alts will dead almost , no way to survive

I’m too scared to look into others right now. I’m simply holding my bitcoins which is the best option. I don’t really have hopes from any other crypto or rather I don’t have the strength after witnessing what is happening with the bitcoins.

I am looking forward to investing in a metaverse coin.