Which option is better for forex beginner automated forex trading or self trading

hai guys, i am newbie for forex trading, i would like to seek help from guys you. please help me find out which option is better for me. i am little new to forex trading so i am now considering whether i should use automated forex trading system like zulutrade or self trading. still confused which is efficient for someone like me. please help me out

There is only one answer bro and I think you know what it is. If you want to succeed in this game you will have to learn to play the game. Its a long personal journey but we are all here to help. May I suggest trying the two extreme styles and then selecting the one you feel most comfort with to pursue. They are scalping (although it really day trading) the tick chart or position trading

how about you open a demo account and see for yourself. You can do both. However, zulutrade is much more easier for people that have no idea of trading and forex markets.

For a newbie, don’t go with autotrading. It means automatic. If you have incorrectly set it, you’ll end up losing tons of cash. I’d agree with EDDY, demo account first then probably after that, step it up a notch by following a signal provider.

Not only for you but also for everyone else in the trading world, the best option is not to go demo instead go with a live micro account and with some small money trade and get a real trading experience. In the mean time educate your self about the trading as much as you can which means spending a years of hard work and than may be you can succeed and become a trader.
Keep in mind. “Learning before Earning”.


Congratz that you have found your way towards Babypips!! The next step is to educate yourself. Babypips has a great school for that, with instep moments on all levels. Follow the school and than answer that question yourself. It is your money and your future. Do not let someone else decided for you.

Good luck!!!

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thnks bro for your advice

tnx bro(Ducth trader) for your kind answer

When I was newbie at forex- sometimes i felt like a lost in nowhere , I also failed a lot.
And got margin call!

I was not giving up,
I studied and made a lot of researches, then I started to make my own systems, EA’s and so on.
And now, after a years, I am totally financially independent and also giving my opinion and tools to other traders.

I just want, that so many traders who have previously lost their money, won’t give up, but instead of this try to understand what they have done wrong.

I am always opened to help people, that’s why I am also here and this is only reason why I am sharing my trading tools. I really like this feeling that I have helped some people to bring wealth.

And if we are talking about your choice, I suggest you to get stable EA and also while it’s trading, keep learning.

No manual trading can compete with automated trading by intelligent robots. Manual trading is influenced by human emotions, whereas robots have no emotions and can take a ‘calculated decision’ at any moment.

thank you bro “inspiron” ok boss i appreciate your answer. any way please se me a method that can really earn money for me and i am eager to learn trading system and earn. pleasssssssssssssssss.

Just study any thread here on BP about Price Action and you will be on your way

thanks bro “:35:bobbillbrowne” your reply appreciate you,

Beginners in forex do not find trading easy. Manual and automated are great method of trading and has been working out for forex traders,and I think as a beginner you need to learn how to use both manual and automated trading to figure out which one will work out best for you.