Which pair to select for smoothest trends?

I trade during the Euro/london timezon, and wish to know which pair are usually developing the smootest trends in 30 minutes / 1 hour charts ?

I know eur/usd is quite a good one with easy to read waves… what else ?


Not to be rude, but dude, please open up a chart and find out. Best way to do this stuff is to open up a demo account and jump right in to charting.

For instance, the 4hr chart is a favorite around here, open up that chart and zoom in and out until you can identify the trend. Do the same for a 1hr, 1 day and weekly chart. Then save the profile, don’t want to do that work again, just modify the trendlines.

If you do the leg work and find out for yourself that knowledge will stay with you and has definite meaning and value.

If someone tells you, you are most liekely going to forget anyway.