Which pair to the moon on CPI data and Fed comments 6/15?

I’m leaning toward USD/JPY long. Sounds like there is an increasing inflation risk. It’s banging around making 5 year highs, but with the dovish BOJ comments today, it almost looks like the sky is the limit! It’s starting to move (downward) already 10 minutes before the news… should be exciting! lol

That was a wild ride. There was a hard sell-off prior to the news release. When the CPI came in +.7 instead of +.6 I hit my buy button, and got a great fill because of the sell-off! At its best I could have had 14 pips, but after enduting a painful 5 minute retracement and a second bounce I was able to grab 11. I’m still demo trading, but this is good practice!

Praise the Lord!

Well i was reading posts on other forums also and there was a opinion on tomorrow USD Housing Index. If there are more bad figures then there can be sell till 123.00 and then the way up and if they are not as worse as expected then it would surely go up.