Which part of your trading routine takes the most time?

I spend most of my time waiting for market entry points to ensure a profitable trade with a minimum stop loss. To do this, all the rules and conditions of my trading strategy must be met. Therefore, I have to wait, but I can pay off this wait with accurate and profitable trades that allow me to make good money.

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:see_no_evil::sparkles: I spend ages on my trading setup too - cute stationery, my fave mug, and yes, a clean workspace is a must for that motivation boost! :joy: But really, planning those trades, SLs, and TPs should take the cake. How about everyone else? What part of your trading ritual eats up all your time? :tipping_hand_woman::two_hearts:

For me, it’s all about the research. I can spend hours looking at charts and forecasts—way more than the actual trading or setting up my stop losses and take profits.

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I see an answer for this question in a different way. The things which take the least time in my trading routine -

Drawing support and resistance
Looking for chart patterns
Trialling novel technical indicators


Hmm. :thinking: What do you mean by this? I mean, how does this take the most of your time? Like, it takes a while for you to decide how much you’re willing to risk per trade? :blush:

How would you say the news affects your trading? :smiley: Are you like me who kinda opts out during major events :sweat_smile: or do you have a somewhat different approach? :smiley:

Oooh. Thanks for that! :blush: If you don’t mind, what platform would you recommend for reviewing forecasts? :open_mouth:

This is interesting! :blush: I’ve actually been meaning to ask if you’ve tried to revisit strategies or systems you’ve used in the past and just tweak the settings of your indicators? :open_mouth:

Strategies can be constantly tweaked and I’m guilty of doing it too much.

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Maybe I’m guilty of doing it too little. :sweat_smile: Thanks Tommor! I’m actually revisiting a system I tried out before and I’m trying to tweak the settings for my moving averages. (The system suggests 5 and 10 MA but I’m thinking of doing 5 and 20 instead).

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My guess is that’s at least worth trying. 5 and 10 are terribly close together!

Yeah. :open_mouth: I kinda thought so too. I consulted a couple of friends, and they all agreed that trying “wider” settings would be best. :sweat_smile:

Well, I’ve found TradingView to be comprehensive for charts and forecasts. It’s worth checking out :wink: