Which S/R to listen to

So say you have your resistance lines on your 15 and 30 minutes charts. The 30 minute chart just tested the resistance line and is moving down while the 15 minute chart is indicating that the pair should be moving higher. Which one do I follow?!

My suggestion would be to look at much higher time frames… draw the significant lines and then work down to the 15 and 30…

The higher the T/F… the more significant the S/R

You might have a look in the thread Technical Templates 2 to get an idea as to how they use S/R… very experienced traders posting in there.

Price is the same on all timeframes. If price bounced off a S+R line on a 30 minute chart then it also bounced off a S+R line on the 15 minute chart.

Higher TF S+R lines should show up on lower TFs too! :slight_smile: