Which scalping robot do you use?

it will be very usefull if you share your robots with your comments.

:36:if a broker not sllipage,i think i can tell you scalping robot is good…
last month i have used one scalp ea named MicroBOT in mql5 market,i use pending orders on h1 chart,and about 2 pips sl and has Tracking stop-loss.if the spread is big than maxspread when price near the pending price,it will cancel the pending orders.
the first week works good,but after that during some big news or unpredictable news, Few of liquidity,the pendiing orders sllipage open more than 20pips,and at the same time hit sl in 0s…
so i stop test or use scalp ea.

My scalping robot have been compiled because the metaquote language have update. I use this robot in Liteforex that have fix spread, fix spread is good for any robots because it needs fix calculation

Everyone with a decent experience in automated trading knows that is absolutely impossible that an expert advisor with so tight stop loss values can work in a real trading environment. That is why some scalpers works only in demo: never buy an EA for which the vendor supply only a demo myfxbook account. Said this there are some scalpers which are showing some gains on real accounts with a decnet history (more than 1 year): noone of these uses so tight stop loss values

Bob (seems u are italian like me) in ur website at the moment u only show a BT. I like to perform BTs, but u know like me that a BT alone does not mean nothing. It requires a real trading account with a decent history (at least 1 year with at least 300 - 400 trades) and Bt trades have to macth with real account trades. Without this a BT does not mean nothing. This is 100% guarantee and u know it :20:

guys can someone help me… what do you think about EA?
and for scalping is it just me or a lot of you practice scalping?

which EA do you refers ? if you willing to use any commercial EA from verified vendor you may want to check corre71 post, he had solid experience with several EA. :).
many scalping EA out there, but the best thing you can do is practice and put your own private system.
scalping is one hellish sensitive method, even when you’re using exact EA and setting but use with different brokers platform the result could be the opposite.
I currently forward tested some auto scalp method, well it’s considerably a scalping but not yet profitable one with current setting I’ve got 558 executed trades, 2,7% negative result upon 2 weeks run the EA on my VPS.

view from myfxbook stat

unless tickmill would paid the commission gained, EA are more a rebate hunting ea rather then scalping one, lol.

plan to put these result on journal section, but seem there’s only a few who put any EA result turn down my confidence and I should wait to have better result, good setting before it’s goes to journal section and share with other members later on.

I do not like scalpers with very tight take profit levels for the simole matter that they Are very sensitive to spread, data feed and execution. Also BTs on such Eas Are not reliable at all so there is no way to check the robustness of the strategy. Only few of these eas seems to work and are some asian scalpers: of these the only 3 which showed some gains Are:
Forex real profit EA, Easy Walker and forex Megadroid. But they need regular updates from developers, specific brokers and in my opinion some manual intervention. For example i have stopped all of these 3 asian scalpers from more than 1 month due to the Greek situation, which cause some volatility also in the asian session. Most probably will start them back again in September. Currently using onlty the Breakout strategy of Forex Real profit EA and hope to be alle to start again using the others the soonest. I consider them important for my portfolio diversification.
Different considerations Are for all day scalpers. There Are some of these eas which showed to be potentially profitable in the long run too. Some example a Are: Wall Street forex robot, Forex Diamond, FE Combination (a multi strategy with some scalping strategy insidie too), Volatility Factor only gbpusd, and Vortex trader Pro as Trade copier looks very nice for the moment. For sure i am missing some other good eas but cannot know all of them. Anyway for the average user become to not be so easy to be profitable with these eas for some very simply reasons: these can face some also deep drawdown periods and long stagnation periods which will lead most of the users to stop using them after some losses; when the EA recover with some weeks of gains (but most of the users are not using anymore these) these traders will jump on board again and almost immediately the EA start again to collect losses. Is a very common mistake and i did it too in the beginning.
Anyway my favourite eas are volatility based and breakouts and generally all eas with very good risk / reward ratio but scalpers are also part of my portfolio. Other mistake people do in Automated trading is to consider it some easy task: it is not easy at all and need a lot of work (demo tests, Backtests, analysis, statistics, checks if there Are some dangerous conditions for some types of eas, proper money managment, timing etc.)

thanks Corree71, that’s a very valuable input. based on volatilte EA and breakout are also my field of interest, no need to read any signal, just be there and react when market make a move. I also put my ea journal already based on these trading type, hope these shown good result. perhaps you want to pay a visit to my thread and give a short suggestion ;).
back to scalping method, I’m focusing with trade average length, profit factor and average pips gain. my goal is to gain proper one, means average pips gain up to 10 pips, trade length av. 2-5 minutes, and up to 1,5 profit factor (based on myfxbook stat), early stage ft result :

Well I am a scalper but I dont use robots. I dont trust some program to trade my money. And another thing… why are these guys who created the robots selling them instead of using them for their own profit if they are sooo good? Something does not feel right… well that is my opinion and I am a bit old school maybe but I like relay on myself.

any real traders would thinking that way sir. your opinion it’s a real fact :). any kind of trading method are good as long as it given profitable result. an Old school, no code used, doesnt matter sometimes the simple are the best one. besides it’s not the code you need to worry, but the trading method itself. of all automatic trading system are simply manual trading method, turn into raw logic and do trade as the traders setup.
if you willing to share your own scalping method would be great too, perhaps you can start your own automatic scalping trading system.

I am not using any automated software for trading. When there are big movements in the market the EA often get out of control and start losing you money. The bigger your account, the bigger the loss. This is my opinion and I am sure many might disagree.

Yes I agree with Corre 100%

most EA’s with 2-3 points stops simply won’t work on real accounts at 98% of Brokers - and it is mainly because in times of volatility the spreads widen slightly and slippage increases … next thing you know your in a death spiral with losses greater than most short term scalpers can recover.

best scalpers trade Asia – but even then you have to turn them off occassionally due to news.

You don’t have to trade thousands of time! You need a great strategy and the odds in own favor! That’s the key!
I made new updates, look at that!

Hello… which robots are these that have decent results

Following a list of the EA i am using and in gain:
Keltner PRO
Forex Real Profit EA (i like specially the BO strategy)
Fe Combination
Forex Diamond
Wall street
Fx Monetizer (with some manual intervention)
Iprofit (only EURUSD)
Easy walker (but switching off the EA every night when are scheduled meetings or news)
Zamolxis (but with manual intervention avoiding some bad losses): this need some improvement
Chimera: started very good, then went in DD but now has recovered
Megadroid (but switched off from early june)
Polygon (it had tough period, but is great for rebates and anyway in gain)
Running also FX trend detector from few time and i am confident it will be profitable
Running also some EA similar to FGB

Hope to not forget any EA currently running

All the EA i am running have 2 main carachteristics:

  1. Nice forward test for at least 1 year
  2. Good backtests results with a good match rate between real account trades and BT trades

For sure there are also other profitable EAs. With the experience i have learned how to avoid bad robots