Which site to try first?

For a real newbie like me, aside from telling me to read and study and then practice, which is the best site for me to start learning about FX aside from babypis.com?

I’ve been to just about every forex site there is and Babypips is by far the best one for beginners. There might be a few e-books that would aid in your learning, but this site is defintely the best resource for beginners. Good luck in your trading!

Thanks, Samatha, that affirms that babypips.com is really one of the best trading sites. Yes, true, their explanation is really clear and the illustrations are good. However, I also do some research every now and then.

I had never even heard about Forex before I came here, but BabyPips seems like the best place to learn…

Sure it is, Sweet Charity. If you happen to read their trading school, it looks very simple and cool. It is clearly presented and the looks are user friendly.
You’ll really learn more from this site.

If you happen to read their trading school, it looks very simple and cool.

Ahhhh…link? :blushes: I wasn’t sure what you meant by trading school, but I couldn’t find it.

The “School” link is on the top. It’s one of the tabs.

This forum is great, I saw the trading school and it was perfect, very easy to comprehend although you still need to practice more in order to fully understand what it really is all about.

Why not do a Google search for forex education or forex beginners. I did one and got a ton of results. I went through a couple that have some decent stuff and then there were so so many that were just utter crap.

So far, this site has the easiest fx school info/resources but there are other sites in the net, e.g., dailyfx.com, forexnews.com, I have also see this just lately: