Which Spread Betting Broker?

Hi All,

It’s been some time since I traded live and the broker i was once with no longer exists (AlpariUK) as I’m sure most of you are aware as to why.

Since my last foray in trading the site’s and comparison sites I use to use no longer seem to exist.

I have done some research but struggling to find a broker with everything i’m looking for so any guidance would be great.


Spread Betting Account
Leverage at least 1:400
Low Spreads on Majors, fixed preferable but not essential
Micro Lots
No Maximum amount of lot’s able to be open at once

I’ve had my eye on City Index, ETX Capital, GKFX and InterTrader but none seem to offer everything I had before with AlpariUK.

Below was my Myfxbook ( the massive drop at the end was after I’d removed all monies from my account bar £7 so the account had an absolute gain of 287.6%

Any suggestions would be most welcome, especially from previous AlpariUK users and where they headed.



There really is no right or wrong choice. You know what you are looking for so it should be rather simple to find it.

Hi Mel, what did you missed at ETX Capital? I am trading with them last few months and I am quite impressed by number of CFDs they have. I dont have experience with Alpari though… what had Alpari over them?