Which trading platform suits what kind of trader?

I heard about many trading platforms. But It is not possible right! To test all of them. Such as UTIP, MetaTrader 4 or 5, cTrader. Also, I guess most brokers make their own trading platform and change them or modify them according to their services, to offer their clients.

From my 1st day of trading I’m trading with the Mt4, no problem at all! It’s the most popular one!

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I like this one the best

The Ever Platform Minded VIPER


Don’t use brokers own trading platform, because maybe there are some unprofessional activities! I also use Mt4 trading platform.

suites all.


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I, personally, prefer Metatrader 4 and apart from a brief sting of trying to trade on Metatrader 5 years ago I’ve stuck to MT4 ever since then.


This sums it up for me. The only reason I hear people ever use MT4 is because they are used to it or its the most popular.

You can’t test them all, but in my experience, I’ve tried MT4, MT5, TradingView and TradingStation, so far TradingView is the most versatile out of all of them.


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I also heard that Meta Trader 4 platform is the best one and the old one. It is widely used by many traders. And developed by MetaQuotes Software.

There are various platforms available but as per what I have seen or in my view MT4 is the best I have used so far. It is easy to place trades and easily understandable. All the things are clearly mentioned and it is not difficult for a beginner to understand.

The best thing about MT4 is that it is used by almost all brokers. This means you can keep the platform you are used to when you switch brokers, rather than having to learn a new one each time.

Sometimes it can be. But it depends which type of broker you are using. By the way, I am also vote for MT4 which is really comfortable than others.

Cool picture! I liked that environment!