Which VPS service for a MT4 Expert Advisor

Hi All

I recently purchased a Expert Advisor for MT4 running on Windows 10

At present it runs on my home desktop UK time 6.30am - 10.30pm.

However I want to move it onto a VPS machine so that its runs continuously.

Can someone please let me know what good VPS service providers are out there?
I am fairly IT literate and can figure out most techie type tasks but just wanted to find what options are available to me.
If anyone can help guide me that would be great.
Also in the future I may purchase a few more expert advisors.

I want to be able to login into the VPS from anywhere anytime to check my EA trading results and reconfigure the EA settings if necessary on a occassional basis.


Hi Kul,

You mentioned you’re already running this EA on your home computer. Have you asked your broker about their VPS options? You might be able get a discount that way.

For example, FOREX.com can provide a free FXColo VPS to anyone with at least $5,000 in their account who places at least one standard lot trade per month (or ten mini lot trades, or 100 micro lot trades).

Thanks for that I will check with my broker Axitrader what the options are.

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Hi Kul,

I have had good experiences with both CNS VPS and ForexVPS. The latter seems to have a deal with AxiTrader.

I think most VPS are the same these days. It all boils down to how much resources you can get for what price.

You should also check where the server of your borkers is located and select a VPS provider who offers VPS’s located nearby, so you get maximum advantage in terms of latency. I believe most of the borkers have their live servers in USA but you better discuss that with your broker.

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