Who Believes in Holding?

Hello people!

Was looking at CMC and was wondering few years down the line what we will be able to see in this list and how long it will be?

Reality is we are very early in this industry and the pace at which projects are coming up and the technology is changing does anyone believe in HODLING cryptos anything other than Bitcoin and Ethereum?

I feel it’s a buzz word used to create a FOMO effect

No only make money by swings though forex platform. Holding now and hope for new highs is a futile dream

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quick question, I’m in the US. What’s a good platform to use to trade bitcoin and other major cryptos?

JAFX. You can trade loads of crypto with them.

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thanks! for some reason I thought they weren’t available for US traders.

They definitely do lol, I have a lot of friends who use them and live in America.

I do believe in holding but only on the coins that have the potential to grow in the market.

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exactly, those are the only coins that really matter in my opinion. There are a bunch of dud coins out there that aren’t backed by anything

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Sure hodling is a good idea, when price is going up!

Why not set profit targets, then sell, or sell after some set amount of loss? Protect your principal and or profits. You can always buy back in, especially if you think a moon is in the cards. Use the end of 2017/start of 2018 as a lesson that cryptos aren’t all winners, and even the ones you hear most about can move double-digits in BOTH directions, in minutes and hours.

If your outlook is long term, so months and years, then you’re obviously not going to need to monitor daily fluctuations all that much.