Who has Trading software from the 1980s or early 90s?

I am looking for trading software that I can use on any of these machines:
IBM Personal Computer XT
SUN Sparc station 10
Power Macintosh 7100

What I found it could be RealTicks, Telerate II or The Advanced Reuter Terminal (ART) or maybe something else.

Thanks in advance & hope there is some light out there. Cheers

Dude, wow, can I ask why?

May be silly, but why not grab a cheap PC and your problem is solved!

Is this a personal challenge or maybe it’s more technical in nature? Even if you were to find software, the likelihood of the broker integrations and data and price feeds actually connecting to anything out on the web seems impossible.

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My friend has these old PC’s and we wanted to have a look at how looked early stock charts/ platforms.

But as you say, it might be challenging to get it working.
And I need to make some photos for a web project.

Thanks for your comment, it might lead in the right direction.

Cheers mate.

Your ART was launched in 1986. I think anything predating 1995/1996, when Internet connected devices hit somewhat mainstream, is going to really hard to come by. At the very least, you’ll be hard pressed to find it here on a beginners forum. Maybe try a futures or stock trading forum with a more seasoned audience. Might have better luck.