Who here on Babypips is sustainable profitable?

Something we all went through basicly. Thanks for your story. Pretty similar to mine.

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Any other profitable ones here?

Becoming a sustainable, profitable Forex trader is not easy. It takes dedication, hard work, and a lot of patience. Babypips’ platform taught me a lot about how to trade Forex, but I was not profitable until I started to focus on my own trading plan and stick to it.

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True! Definitely not easy. Did you get influences from other strategies as well or did you just develop your own after Babypips?

I believe one should reflect on why they want to pursue a life as a retail trader before initiating, having a vision or goal, as many experienced traders on here highlight it not easy. . I believe been sustainably profitable is when ones P/L is positive after say 6 years. When one go through the peaks and troughs, not just as a trader but life in general .

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In terms of long term profit, and being “up” compared to money invested, then YES.

Good years overshadow “bad” years, although none of them are negative.

After 6+ years it is more about my bankroll management.

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Good food for thought here! Having forex as your job influences your life a lot. It is not as easy to combine as people say.

Hats of to you! :muscle:
Great to read traders doing well. 6+ years is awesome!

Enjoy your stay and have a wonderful journey.

I think there are some traders who really can make solid sums of money on trading and they share their experience. Actually, confidence playes here the major role, and it plays the major role on the whole market. However, it doesn’t matter how confident you are if the market goes another direction, which you foresaw. The market doesn’t care about your confidence, it cares about the market laws and the economical laws.
So, of course, here are plenty of traders who really are able to make profits due to trading activity, nevertheless it seems to me that this path is very long.

Trading knowledge + confidence takes you towards the right direction in forex trading. And sometimes, even if you do not win, you at least learn from that losing trade.

They just repeat popular phrases thinking thats going to fool us. The real traders are attacked and turned off by the members here. Ict is a perfect example, he came on here trying to help and these entitled bitter failed traders turned him off and he left. They couldnt submit to the process and be patient so they blamed him smh…

No, he brought it on himself. It’s evident he tried to build a cult of personality around him. Irrespective of whether his methods worked or not, or whether the members that attacked him were profitable or not, what’s obvious in all his posts is his unchecked ego. He invited all the criticism on himself. That’s very evident.

You do not have humility defined properly. Trading is a zero sum game, you would be wise to remember that next time someone tries to bless you with invaluable knowledge in this field

People that take pride in losing will never understand a trader…

Also he brought what on himself, what did he lose exactly. This is a laughable response. You dont even believe your own bs

What are you saying? So you’re basically agreeing he’s an egotistical maniac then? Then any criticism he received for not living up to his own lofty standards was warranted.

Please read in full before asking obvious questions

There’s no evidence he was profitable. There is evidence of him failing challenges on 2 or 3 occasions however. His introductory post on BP was like the second coming of Christ. Declared self authority on trading, just like any other YT guru, as far as I’m concerned. He just happened to be one of the first.

I thought I’d atleast watch his material till I saw this rambling crap from him:

Do yourself a favor and read up on proper traders like Linda Raschke, who despite:

  • her decades in Wall Street
  • being president of her own Fund
  • contributing writer in analytical articles and technical analysis (Raschke’s Holy Grail)

can still admit she “doesn’t know what the f*** I’m doing sometimes”. No God complex like this ICT fool.

@jcena44 One thing is true…those popular phrases have zero value. It won’t bring you anywhere.
About ICT I did read in the past what happened between him and Babypips. Apparently he had bad trading results. This of course turned off many. He also likes to troll, which does not help his credibility. These are the reasons why I also stopped learning his stuff in the past. Later I found out it really works, but others still being skeptical is understandable. It takes time.

You are the fool

To be fair. The first half of it sounds like he is boasting yes, but the second half is what teaches you a lot. You always need to read ICT his writings at least a few times.