Who here on Babypips is sustainable profitable?

The forum is active and I really like it. Many traders here to give advice, however they do not seem to be confident…unless it is me reading too much into the words they use. So I am really curious. Who here is actually profitable? If yes, did Babypips help you with this?

My being profitable has nothing to do with Babypips. However this is just my experience.


have a very good journey , enjoy your stay

Thank you for your honesty.

Alg626 seems to be consistent.
I am personally a wobbly, and unconfident trader (relatively new here), using indicators, but am impressed by Alg626s thread, his consistency of method, and longevity in posting.


I think training helps a lot to make money from this market.

Indeed. I can see how he did it. He is very detailed. He has a great journal! I do not trade s&d, but it does overlap with market maker trading as I do. Funny to see.

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Thanks for the kind words @FXpipsdragon and @SMIfx

Hasn’t always been easy. And takes experience and patience for sure. Lessons you only learn by doing it and going through the ups and downs yourself.

No books, videos or whatever will get you through it. They help you with your thought process and how you should handle emotions during trading. But till you step out there and start doing it you won’t understand. And demoing doesn’t help with emotions.

In my thread I just try and be transparent as I can be to show that as a retailer trader we can do it but just have to have the right mindset.

I realized I didn’t answer the OP’s question.

I would say yes Babypips help me take steps to trading. The education section was very good, easy to navigate and had a good pace to it for me. The main threads where I really kind of found my groove are also found here at Babypips. I have a link to each in my thread.

But being a profitable trader is more about mindset and emotion to me than actual trading strategy and plan. You can be given the golden ticket but if you can’t manage emotions then it’s just not going to work.


Can a trader make consistent profit from this market?

100% yes! I trade fulltime and I would not have passed my FTMO otherwise.

@Alg626 Good to hear your experience. I can see in your posts that you have worked very hard to get to where you are. Props bro!

I agree with mindset and emotion being very important, but for me it goes hand in hand with strategy. Everyone has their own experience and thought process, so I understand it can differ per person.


Yea I agree, I certainly don’t mean to make strategy sound any less important. But once you know your strategy works it’s amazing the mental game you play with yourself.

And it is amazing how different people can have different styles and still be profitable. Nice that it can be that flexible. Just have to find the strategy that fits your personality the best I believe.


Yes, after years of trading the same strategy and set up. Keeping trading journals would also help

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Thank you for replying. Are you profitable as well? :muscle:

Yes, I am profitable with proof to show for it. Just that we are not allowed to post results here.

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Great to meet another profitable trader :+1:
How has your trading journey been?

Up and down but now stable

Care to elaborate? What where the struggles you had and what pushed you into the right direction?

Struggle were continuous blowing of accounts. I overcome it by doing several trainings most of which were paid and I also keep trading journals if all my trades. It took meet roughly 5 years of continuous trading .



I am finding the biggest struggle is letting go of a bad trade.
I can build a nice-ish portfoilo, then blow it all on a trade that I cannot let myself walk away from.

Trying to learn to think of it on a statistical level and see the big picture, rather than fixating on just the trade in the moment.

That is indeed a difficult one. Everyone has their own way of controlling themselves. Maybe there is something you can do every day before you trade?