Who here on Babypips is sustainable profitable?

Good to hear and thank you for being honest. What is the name of the system you are trading?

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It’s just my own system using mainly price action, support lines and a bit of Ichimoku cloud. What I think I do differently to most of the traders who post their strategies is I tend to hold onto losing positions for a long time if the product I’m trading has a lot of volatility / reversion to the mean, as the trend will often reverse. That way I don’t get stopped out much, but I do make the occasional very big loss. Works for me though, although I realise this goes against the accepted wisdom of forex trading (so maybe don’t try this at home…)

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Also, I have no time for spread sheets and I never back-test anything. Too boring. Some people find this very useful though. Just not my bag.

Your way of trading is indeed dangerous for a trader. However if it works, it works.

I’ve always thought that no one can be “sustainably profitable”.
for me it is about “more profit, less losses”

Getting to the point of playing with “house money” is a very important step in the long term profitability process.

Bankroll management is a very important component to trading.

Why a lot of good poker players can become successful traders, and vice versa.