Who i want be to babypips

My name is liki, I’m from Nigeria. Actually i don’t even know what forex is at first but a friend of mine told me about it and directed me to learn more about forex through babypips and I’m glad am here now for a better tomorrow. Thank you

Welcome liki! I hope you’re enjoying your stay and we’re all looking forward to your progress! Good luck!

That’s okay! :blush: Before I started trading, I was intimidated with just hearing “forex.” :sweat_smile: I mean, we all have to start somewhere. And at least you gathered enough courage to really venture into forex trading. :blush:

Hi Iiki! Perhaps you stumbling onto Forex trading will change your future. This is a great site for learning and hopefully it will help you tremendously so that you can reach your goals. Good luck!

This is the best site for learning all the techniques of forex.