Who keeps a trade journal

Hey folks, how many of you keep a trade journal and how has it benefited your trading? Any tips for someone just starting out with one?

I have a trading journal here and it’s helped immensely. Prior to my trading journal, I feel like I wasn’t taking things as seriously. Having a public trading journal helped add accountability to how I manage my trades.

I recommend doing it here! I have late entries most of the time but it still forces me to reflect and take a closer look at how I handled those trades.

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I kept a daily account - more like a blog post - of all my trades (2years) up to Dec 2022 until my strategy and process was in place and acting like robot trades. The only deviance was lot size.

I would always recommend that the best way to learn is to review, and keep record of, your mistakes whether it’s a losing or winning trade. Ask yourself, could I have done better? And understand that you will get both lucky and unlucky trades.

One day - fortunately on a demo account - I had 13 consecutive losing trades on 13 different FX currency pairs. That taught me that ‘overtrading’ wasn’t the fast track to financial success…

Best of luck.

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agree, i also think that the best way to learn is to review and keep a record of past mistakes whether it’s losing or winning trade.

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if you cant come out from past mistake that you have done , i think no way to come out from losses at all.

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Hello Oscar!
I used to write them but it is boring.
Create a Google sheet, add (start price / close price / SL / TP/ profit or loss / … ) to that and you can easily have all of your trades there and check them when it is necessary. I also use a Google sheet to track the time I spent on social media!
That’s a useful tool at all.
Best Luck/

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Do you truly benefit from it when trading? Did you notice any progress?

I seldom ever write. Why didn’t I consider having an online sheet? why?why?why? :expressionless: :no_mouth:

That’s impressive dedication and a great approach to learning from your trading experiences! Keeping a detailed record of your trades and treating it like a blog post shows your commitment to improvement

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I always think about the past mistake, but it is not a big deal. just wanna know opinions

absolutely, well said. what details do you write? online sheet or in word file?

Oh yeah. I now definitely put stop losses in all of my trades for instance. (Hopefully this new habit lasts lol)

Thanks for your great info.I do too. we are in the same boat.

Took me years to get here :joy: