Who knows what trend this is? AUDUSD

Hello all. I am a newbie, been testing EA’s for about a year in demo mode. One EA I have set on the AUDUSD, went amazingly well for 6-8 months last year. Compared to previous years it really took off, and I am wondering if anyone can help me determine a few things:

If I had set the EA on dec 2015 through to dec 2016 - it would made a lot of money. It seemed to ebb and flow, but July -start Dec 2016 it went through the roof.

  1. From about July to end of November 2016, what TREND was the AUDUSD in? I have attached a screen shot.
  2. What trend was the entire year for 2016? and how do I find other currencies possibly going through similar coniditions?
  3. Is there any software which could find other currencies runnign similar trends to that period?

I know the EA probably wont work on other currencies even if trend is the same, but I can optimise and retest the EA in those environments to see if I can simulate similar performances.

If anyone can help me determine how - or even better, if there is a method for pin pointing snapshots of time eg July 2016 - Nov 2016, in a set currency, and be able to find out what the overlying trend was, then scane the market for other currencies going through similar trends ?