Who should be the next leader of the UK Labour Party?

Kier Starmer is widely tipped for this position - oddly !

Mr Taylor has a good point - I wonder why ?

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Starmer is very close to Corbyn and its hard to see that he has it in him or his background to connect with and recover the voters “lent” to Johnson.

But voters don’t elect the leader and the Corbyn faction don’t seem to accept that they lost the election.

So, yes he’s a strong contender. Probably wouldn’t spark much in-fighting if appointed: Phillips would and Thornberry might.

I would not be surprised if the membership didn’t press Corbyn to stay on. Or appointed a Corbynite like Starmer with Corbyn standing in a specially created “behind the throne” role. You know, like Putin.

I’m puzzled - i remember him re the NI Policing Board, also remember him campaigning for Andy Burnham against Corbyn.

I see the Telegraph reporting that Corbyn supporters are running a ‘stop Starmer’ camapign.

I think he’ll have a hard time to get in as leader - likely another left winger will get the job.

Oh - he was head of the Crown Prosecution Service and Director of Public Prosecutions in UK for 5 years

Yep, 'nother bloody lawyer…

Sorry, I have an allergic reaction to lawyers.

Yes, maybe he’s not the full Corbynite. He did serve in the Shadow Cabinet and he headed (master-minded?) Labour’s Brexit policy.Could be the compromise candidate.

I hope Corbyn stays on.

Aye, but not your usual type of lawyer.

Was on the prosecution side as I said, but then something happened, I’m not sure what exactly, but he switched sides - became exclusively a defence lawyer.

On the Brexit front, he was keen to explore a ‘Norway style’ deal - wouldn’t shock me if at the end of this year something akin to what he was talking about does actually emerge.

Anyways, Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock, Ed Miliband - UK voters have rejected them as too left wing - take away the Blair years and that is what the Labour party have to show - zilch (except for ol’ frown Brown in for a while unelected)

But will Labour learn? - not while the Unions/Momentum etc rule the roost :slight_smile:

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What is hard to understand is how the Conservatives are at times NOT in government.

He he - one man - a lawyer, brother a lawyer, father a lawyer, wife a lawyer.

In fairness he is also a Newcastle Utd fan so not all bad - Tony Blair :slight_smile:

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Jess Phillips is their only chance of winning the next election

I hope Labour find a capable leader who’s popular with the electorate because its likely to make the Conservatives perform better. Someone like Boris Johnson especially could do with the discipline that comes from having to look over your shoulder all the time.

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Is there one ? Clearly they can’t have Starmer - because he’s a white bloke - and they simply HAVE to have a woman at the very least - Diane Abbott would be ideal imo - since she ticks all the diversity boxes and the Marxist faction has to hit rock bottom before anyone with a brain can step in and “moderate” them - If indeed there is ever to be a chance of them gaining control of Parliament.

Failing that I think a new Party must break away - if indeed there actally any “Moderates” left in there !


So who is Rebecca Long Bailey and is she an able candidate ?

Second in popoularity behind Starmer - this is Corbyn’s favourite - she of the Air-brushed past !

Wow - The woman - now wants to officially “back All strikes - No questions asked !”

Let’s hope she gets the job then ! :rofl: